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The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies of the Sahel


seeks to be a leading source of information on the past and contemporary experiences of the Sahel region. Rich in socio-cultural and human diversity, the Sahel brought into contact people in North Africa, people in Africa south of the Sahara, and people in West and East Africa long before others came from outside the continent. Cultures mixed, though not always comfortably, and they continue to mix even now. Through interactions and trade, indigenous religions met Islam, imported from the Arabian Peninsula, and Christianity, from the Middle East both before and by way of Europe. The result was and is a region that has been the focus of dreams of wealth and power for centuries.

The objective of overthrowing existing forms of governance to usher out invaders or colonizers and usher in a new order that is solicitous of the welfare of the people has served as the motive for many revolutions and rebellions which continues to be the case of many Sahelian countries today. This interdisciplinary journal envisions a world better informed about the complexities of this important region of Africa and in the global arena.



Mission Statement

The Sahel constitutes a zone of instability in Africa. The sources of instability are complex, including but not limited to poverty, the effects of climate change and political violence. Great powers intervene and tend to put emphasis on military solutions at the expense of traditional methods of resolving differences while overlooking the legacy of local conflicts and systems of legitimacy. Research focusing on the region is necessary and urgent. We need to reframe the approach and the rhetoric. This is the raison d’etre of the International Consortium for Geopolitical Studies of the Study of the Sahel and of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies of the Sahel. The journal promotes and makes available to the public, scholars and policy makers, the findings of practical and theoretical studies by combining many disciplines and balancing perspectives from inside and outside the region.


Editorial Board: Interdisciplinary Journal for the Studies of the Sahel

Marcel Kitissou                      Editor. Institute for African Development, Cornell University; Africana Studies and History departments, The University at Albany, USA

Beniam Awash                        Department of Sociology, State University of New York-College at Oneonta, USA

Cathy Majtenyi                      Research Communications/Media Relations, Brock University, Canada

Itibari Zulu                              Africology: Journal of Pan African Studies, Institute for Pan African Studies, Long Beach, CA, USA

Kpoti Kitissou                        Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting, State University of New York-College at Oneonta, USA

Mamoudou Gazibo                 Department of Political Science, University of Montreal, Canada

Maurice Ogbonnaya               Department of Defense, Security and Strategic Studies,

National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Jos, Nigeria

Mecke Nagel                           Department of Philosophy, State University of New York-College at Cortland, USA

Minna Salami                          MsAfropolitan feminist blog, NGO, London, UK

Nelson Obirih-Opareh            Division of Agriculture, Medicine and Environment (AME),
Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, Accra, Ghana


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